We are slowly working on audiobook versions of all of our stories, as an accommodation for people who may have trouble reading. For instance, we have both auditory processing disorder and dyslexic dysgraphia, meaning that we do best when we have both versions handy. Hopefully, we speak clearly enough for you. These files are recorded using our tablet and a Logitek headset in our garage where the acoustics work out pretty well and ambient sounds are at a minimum. We have done minimal editing, however, as we do not have the time or energy to work very long on the files. So, you will notice one of us stumble over a word or two occasionally. If things are too garbled, we re-record the section.

What we have created is available for download from Bandcamp, where you can receive them in your favorite file format. They are free, though you can pay us whatever you like for them if you wish, as a donation to our work.

We will also be adding links to each chapter as we record and publish them on Bandcamp. So, when a chapter becomes available as an audio file, a line of italic text will appear at the heading of the chapter with a link to that file’s page.