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The Tunnel Apparati Diaries begin on Wednesday, July 31st with the prologue for The End of the Tunnel, to be… Read more Coming July 31st, 2024

A panoramic map of the inside wall of the Sunspot's habitat cylinder, also known as the Garden. Several major cities are marked, including Kwera, Agaricales, and Fairport.

The Sunspot Chronicles are an ongoing series of books telling the tale of the last couple of centuries of a 2,500 km long generational star ship called the Sunspot. We have collected these stories from various residents of the ship and broadcast them, along with a comprehensive linguistic and encoding key, in hopes that other denizens of the universe may know who we are and what may have happened to us.


cover art of the Systems' Out, first book of the Sunspot Chronicles, depicting the Pembers playing with a cloud of construction nanites while standing on a pebbly beach

Systems’ Out!

A story about plurality, consciousness, the fight to overcome physical dysphoria, and self advocacy in a world without assigned gender. Also, some good old fashioned wish fulfillment.

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By Metabang of the Inmara



cover art of Ni'a, the second book of the Sunspot Chronicles, depicting the star filled silhouette of a child floating in front of a spaceship on a purple background, with three golden leaves swirling in the forground


The sequel to Systems’ Out! Ni’a follows the early life of Phage’s child, Ni’a, and explores unanswered questions about the world and possibilities raised by the first novel.

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By Abacus of the Inmara



Cover art for Outsider, third book of the Sunspot Chronicles, depicting Eh, a purple dragon, floating in space


The third book in the series, Ni’a’s Outsider wraps up the era of great social upheaval that made the Sunspot what it is today, while also asking the Crew and the Populace, “What more could we do better?” This question is especially important in the light of new discoveries and impending encounters.

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By Ni’a of the Inmara




Excerpt from Systems’ Out!

In case you haven’t yet taken the time to enjoy it, the sun emergence is definitely worth beholding. If you happen to live in the aft coastal regions, as the Pembers and their friends did, it will have a distinctly different character than if you live forward of the mountains. If you have a good view of the water, you will get to see the entire ring of the sea light up and glow with sunlight before the land you are on is fully illuminated.

The terminator appears near the base of the Aft Endcap, so that the whole Endcap and a ring of ocean around it are slowly lit up by the growing sun. You will be able to watch the unbelievably huge machine that is the Endcap begin to glow with a dark red and grow in brilliance to the ruddy gold of full daylight. Then, as the sun begins to move aftward out of its magnetic womb, its light spills out further into the Garden from the hole in the Forward Endcap where it begins.


About the Authors

These fictional stories were written by the Inmara Ktletaccete Fenumera, a disabled trans feminine non-binary autistic plural system, as a way for some of their system members to live beyond the confines of their body, in a way, and also to entertain themselves and other plural systems. Also, they’ve found that writing stories about their inworld is a good way to build it and shape it to be what they want it to be. The children of a couple of printers, they spent a good chunk of their life attempting to be singlet and allistic, and trying to work as a graphic designer while making comics. This didn’t work very well for a great number of reasons. So they are being themselves now and doing this.

If you’d like to learn more about the real Inmara, you are invited to browse through their biographical wiki.