Synopsis for Blood in the Duff

If you know who committed a murder, and why they committed it, and everyone has all the same evidence to… Read more Synopsis for Blood in the Duff

table of contents:

6.0 Prologue

Refka had been tracking Shegrräo through the coastal woods of Region Uz for several days since the latest local Monster… Read more 6.0 Prologue

6.1 Ascension Day

Sharwe stopped at the opening of the hallway, pulling on `errke’s hand as rrem kept walking forward briefly. `errke looked… Read more 6.1 Ascension Day

6.2 Brekken’s Tea

It was morning of the next day. Morik sat in yems chair at the crafting table at home, eyes hooded,… Read more 6.2 Brekken’s Tea

6.3 Nir’s Miss

Togi sprawled on nems favorite rock, in the aft-spinward corner of the common room, watching everyone bustle about to get… Read more 6.3 Nir’s Miss

6.4 Living with People

Togi was so good. Rrema would have to remember to lean on nem for emotional support more often. It had… Read more 6.4 Living with People

6.5 Seeking Harmony

Earlier. Nir had spent most of that day alternating between tidying hems already immaculate living space and playing the flute.… Read more 6.5 Seeking Harmony

6.6 The Sliver of Intrigue

`errke heard the doors to Morik’s library open. Rrema came through, a cart full of books and other Artwork following… Read more 6.6 The Sliver of Intrigue

6.7 Where the Sun Dies Every Day

“So, you’re investigating a murder?” The two of them sat at a table in the middle of the greenhouse, a… Read more 6.7 Where the Sun Dies Every Day

6.8 The Moot’s Point

“Rrema wants to move in,” Togi said. They were getting ready for a visit from Rokesho, `errke’s sibling Crew member.… Read more 6.8 The Moot’s Point

6.9 Intercourse, Politics, and Apologies

Morik, Sharwe, and `errke left the house in such a hustle after dinner, Togi had never seen anything like it… Read more 6.9 Intercourse, Politics, and Apologies