Synopsis for Blood in the Duff

If you know who committed a murder, and why they committed it, and everyone has all the same evidence to support that conclusion, is there a mystery?

Should there be?

What about justice?

How does a society with the technology to record anything and everything in minute detail, but that places consent and personal autonomy above all else, handle a murder?

Sharwe’s partners, Morik and `errke both decide to strive to answer some of these questions when their household inadvertently stumbles on a rare murder between Monsters on the Sunspot. They’re not obligated to act in service to their community, but Morik thinks there’s more to the case than the recordings show, and `errke seems to think that working on the case together will make a great bonding exercise for their fledgling family. While Morik’s sibling, Togi, and nems lover, Rrema, have serious doubts.

In the shadow of the Nanite Innovation and the looming push to emancipate the Tutors and open the Council of the Crew up to anyone living aboard the Sunspot, the average person still must learn what to make of their life. And sometimes that means confronting death in a most unpleasant way.

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