Synopsis for Systems’ Out!

The Pembers and their friends, Morde, Tetcha, and the Flits, live on a generational interstellar spacecraft called the Sunspot. As… Read more Synopsis for Systems’ Out!


table of contents:

1.01 Initiation

of Systems’ Out! “Metabang, if everyone is genetically engineered, then why are there people like us?” I was expecting this… Read more 1.01 Initiation

1.02 Growth

of Systems’ Out! In the first days of their life, when a member of the Passengers graduates from gestation, they… Read more 1.02 Growth

1.03 Pains

of Systems’ Out! A full two days later, someone finally saw fit to seek out the Pembers and follow them.… Read more 1.03 Pains

1.04 Monstrosity

of Systems’ Out! Toost rejoined the council as they met in their vessel’s headspace in protected privacy. They were all… Read more 1.04 Monstrosity

1.05 Confrontation

of Systems’ Out! Myra was very distracted during the next Council of Eleven meeting. Xe was thinking about what was… Read more 1.05 Confrontation

1.06 Escalation

of Systems’ Out! In case you haven’t yet taken the time to enjoy it, the sun emergence is definitely worth… Read more 1.06 Escalation

1.07 Struggles

of Systems’ Out! Since Gretcha didn’t have zer own set of nanites and the Monstrous Edicts dictated that I couldn’t… Read more 1.07 Struggles

1.08 Fuck!

of Systems’ Out! Morde’s Network Projection appeared in the middle of the Pembers’ quarters and everyone looked up from what… Read more 1.08 Fuck!

1.09 Reassociation

of Systems’ Out! As the neurological bottleneck that the Pembers’ were dealing with became more evident, it became clear to… Read more 1.09 Reassociation

Epilogue: An Afterword by Metabang

of Systems’ Out! As I told you near the beginning, I have tailored each of my lessons in this book… Read more Epilogue: An Afterword by Metabang