Epilogue: An Afterword by Metabang

of Systems’ Out!

As I told you near the beginning, I have tailored each of my lessons in this book to reflect sanctioned knowledge of the corresponding time in the story.

This was so that you would know roughly what the Pembers and their friends knew when they were experiencing it.

Obviously, knowledge of the ship’s past and purpose, and who the Crew are, are more freely shared now.

And as you know, the eventual solution to dysphoria and the disparity between the Crew and the populace was to integrate the nanite terminals with

fetal development, and allow everyone to grow and function as full beings in our society from the very beginning.

This, of course, has not come without its own problems. But, now dysphoria can be caught early and steps can be taken to alleviate it organically, according to the autonomy of the individual. Bodies can be gently molded, or neurons more flexibly altered, according to a person’s choices.

Also, there is less societal difference between a plural system and a singlet. Some people have even welcomed Crew and AI into their psyches to share life together. And look forward to having a similar relationship with a younger generation someday.

And, as you know, the Monsters still exist.  Rejecting your nanite terminal is riskier than it was before, now that everyone is conceived with it present to begin with. But your right to solitude and self autonomy must be preserved, so we have maintained this practice.

Which is why we have published this book.

We would like to remain in contact with you, by your consent, and maintain some level of communication. This is our overture to you for that purpose. To let you know we are aware of where this all started and how things have changed. And to give us a common language with which to talk about it, should you choose.

If you have your own story, or your own take on this story, we would be much obliged if you would tell it to us. We will remember it and revisit it often.

If you give us permission, we will share it with others.

In the meantime, be well. Be free. Enjoy many sunbirths and sundeaths.

And thank you for being yourself,


2 thoughts on “Epilogue: An Afterword by Metabang

  1. Meadow says:

    Sanction, what an interesting word. Rule by law sounds appealing and might very well be more possible then previously assessed. We are well overdue for a revolution, in any case. We would like to thank everyone involved in this work for their insight.

    More from the Cascade :
    Fun times ahead.

    Please, there is no such thing as time, only timing.

    Fusion fusion fusion.

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