Synopsis: Thomas and ‘afeje’a are writing a pulp sci-fi style story about Molly Rocketcoil, an adventurer who has set out from the Sunspot to explore the universe in her own space/time bending starship! Accompanied by her Tutor, Manifold, and a mysterious stow away, Molly seeks found family in an alien and sometimes hostile universe, and learns what it is that she has yet to learn.

table of contents:

First Contact

of The Adventures of Molly Rocketcoil Publisher’s note: These stories were included with the Sunspot Chronicles in the transmissions we… Read more First Contact

Autonomy and Consent

of the Adventures of Molly Rocketcoil “We should get you two to safety,” Molly said to Lesley. “Your partner is… Read more Autonomy and Consent

Molly Rocketcoil

of the Adventures of Molly Rocketcoil Lesley took a deep breath, and said, “It might not look like it, but… Read more Molly Rocketcoil

Extending Family

of The Adventures of Molly Rocketcoil “What we really need is a stealth ship,” Susan said. At an orbital period… Read more Extending Family


of the Adventures of Molly Rocketcoil The phrase “wonder fatigue” formed itself in Susan’s mind, and she made a note… Read more Spindrift

A Tense Moment Between Two Homes

When Spindrift slid into the upper atmosphere of her planet, Susan caught herself squealing. There was nothing to squeal about.… Read more A Tense Moment Between Two Homes


Susan became aware of things in what seemed like a totally backward order. First, her ears stopped ringing. Then she… Read more Flight


If you have read any of the other books mentioned in this story, such as Metabang’s Systems’ Out!, you will… Read more Turnabout


of the Adventures of Molly Rocketcoil Molly watched as Susan paced out to about five meters away from the tree… Read more Warfare

Dinnertime Ultimatum

of The Adventures of Molly Rocketcoil Phage listened to the others as it worked. Once it had enough mass, it… Read more Dinnertime Ultimatum


of the Adventures of Molly Rocketcoil “I can put a stop to that,” Phage offered the household. “But it will… Read more Phage

Lifting Anchor

of the Adventures of Molly Rocketcoil Susan had the side of her face pressed into the back of Lesley’s right… Read more Lifting Anchor

The Light of the Abyss

of Molly Rocketcoil Being present with your alien abductor when they are in turn abducted by a whole different alien… Read more The Light of the Abyss


of Molly Rocketcoil Manifold was not in danger of sending a twice tenuously translated “We don’t talk to cops.” to… Read more No

Strange Creatures

of Molly Rocketcoil The Light of the Abyss retracted its transportation body and grew a singular communication bulb. It had… Read more Strange Creatures

The Warp or the Weft?

of Molly Rocketcoil “`ii `efoktleta warp drive?” Lesley heard herself ask. So, she said more slowly and carefully, “Wait. Stop.… Read more The Warp or the Weft?

A New Life

of Molly Rocketcoil Despite volunteering to do any technical work that cropped up aboard Anchor, even during launch preparations, Manifold… Read more A New Life

The Contract

of Molly Rocketcoil It had been nearly twenty four hours since that meeting and they hadn’t cast a vote as… Read more The Contract

Susan’s Hitch

of Molly Rocketcoil Lesley decided that instead of sleeping for the last few hours before their jump, she’d try visiting… Read more Susan’s Hitch

To Become Unlocked

of Molly Rocketcoil The Light of Anchor had found the instance of the translator that had been configured for it… Read more To Become Unlocked


of Molly Rocketcoil Lesley conjured a set of movie theater style chairs on the Bridge of Anchor and flopped down… Read more Jump


of Molly Rocketcoil In that moment, if someone had asked Molly how she knew there was another set of organisms,… Read more Interference

Lesley’s Dream

of Molly Rocketcoil It began in words. So, so many words. Phrases, definitions, half-heard or half-read syllables, Lesley experienced her… Read more Lesley’s Dream


The walls of the gigantic, circular lift rose up into the ceiling on all sides to leave Lesley and the… Read more Secrets