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3.00 Intro

There’s so much to tell you. I don’t even know who might be reading this!  But you have probably read… Read more 3.00 Intro

3.01 Outsider

137 days after I dropped a big blob of nanite clay on the floor of Melik’s lab, right in front… Read more 3.01 Outsider

3.02 Refuge

I saw a clear vision of what had happened the instant the memory of it hit Thomas’ face. I’m not… Read more 3.02 Refuge

3.03 Communication

When I went back home to my body, I’d forgotten that we were still in our temporary quarters, halfway around… Read more 3.03 Communication

3.04 Anticipation

“Thank you for standing before the Council, again, Ni’a,” Nevegere, Acting Captain, said. “We’ve reviewed your report, and thank you… Read more 3.04 Anticipation

3.05 the Cuttlecrabs

Aphlebia came along, because they were not going to miss out on this. But that left Candril and the Whorlies… Read more 3.05 the Cuttlecrabs

3.06 Blocks

We’d decided to play with blocks instead of cards.  Candril was sitting in the middle of the room, as still… Read more 3.06 Blocks

3.07 The Gift

That had been a long night, and Phage and I spent some time talking in a park, watching the moondeath… Read more 3.07 The Gift

3.08.01 Hail Dragons: the Encounter

Hail, Dragons! We found a hoard of your books not long ago, and we will tell you of that story.… Read more 3.08.01 Hail Dragons: the Encounter

3.08.02 Hail Dragons: The Great Chattering

Individually, you Dragons will frequently walk along the shoreline, following prescribed paths, talking either to yourself or to what we… Read more 3.08.02 Hail Dragons: The Great Chattering

3.08.03 Hail Dragons: Beginning the Quest

Food was not a concern. We hunt, and if the arthropods of the inland were as plentiful and as tasty… Read more 3.08.03 Hail Dragons: Beginning the Quest

3.08.04 Hailing Scales: the Jaws of a Predator

There was a movement. We do not think it had meant to be seen. However, we were as strange to… Read more 3.08.04 Hailing Scales: the Jaws of a Predator

3.08.05 Hail Dragons: The Library

This one crawled to the lip of our tree cave to extend its eyestalks and behold what was causing the… Read more 3.08.05 Hail Dragons: The Library

3.08.06 Hail Dragons: Pictures

The first thing that Shaw did upon showing us the library is introduce us to what you call “the holoterminal”.… Read more 3.08.06 Hail Dragons: Pictures

3.08.07 Hail Dragons: Getting Caught

Writing this book took many, many days.  Shaw helped us mark the days by turning the light in the Library… Read more 3.08.07 Hail Dragons: Getting Caught

3.09 the Breakfast

We all looked over at Phage and waited for it to explain itself. After the first chapter of the book,… Read more 3.09 the Breakfast

3.10 Anyway!

Phage did tell us the rest of the story of the Collective. At least, as much of it as it… Read more 3.10 Anyway!

3.11 Changes

It turned out that the Network was designed to simulate appropriate aging in the avatars of anyone who has ascended… Read more 3.11 Changes

3.12 Abacus

Twelve year old me was probably one of the only people aboard the Sunspot who could have a meltdown on… Read more 3.12 Abacus

3.13 Benejede

If you’ve read Abacus’ book, you’ll find that it struck a compromise with me, and did not take direct credit… Read more 3.13 Benejede

3.14 Messages

I had seen several things during my moment of self-induced clarity in front of Abacus. Just, a lot of things… Read more 3.14 Messages

3.15 Eh

“This is a difficult to understand subject,” Eh said. “And it directly concerns the Crew. But since many of you… Read more 3.15 Eh

3.16 Welcome Out

I’d spent most of my life up to that point really frustrated that every time I tried to be there… Read more 3.16 Welcome Out

3.17 Continuing Conversations

Later, we talked to Abacus about this.  When we’d returned home, Phage had just come over and hugged us and… Read more 3.17 Continuing Conversations