3.09 the Breakfast

We all looked over at Phage and waited for it to explain itself.

After the first chapter of the book, we had agreed that we all needed sleep before we could continue reading it, but Thomas especially. So, we had gone to our own beds with the agreement to meet for breakfast and listen to Fredge read the rest of the book in the morning. It had seemed too important to wait any longer than that. Also, far too special and fun.

But, upon reading that last sentence, Fredge looked over at Phage with such an expression that we all apparently felt we needed to do the same. Each of our expressions was a little different, so it’s clear we were thinking of different things, but to me, seeing that unity reminded me of the Collective talking about itself, and I felt a tingling in my spine at the thought.

Well, Akailea wasn’t participating in the inquisitive looks. Sie was carefully keeping a blank face while sie sipped hir tea.

“What,” said Phage, in its characteristically deep voice.

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