3.00 Intro

There’s so much to tell you.

I don’t even know who might be reading this! 

But you have probably read Metabang’s graphic novel with the weird name and Abacus’ book with my name on it. And you’ve probably got questions.

Still, we’re going to start sending these stories out through the Tunnels and maybe even just broadcast them on the electromagnetic spectrum in case there are Outsiders nearby who might be able to make sense of them. So, you could be anybody.

And I’m twice as old now as when Abacus put its last note in its book. Which, well, it’s kind of amazing to me what can happen in a few days, let alone 12 years, when my mother is everything that ever happens anywhere all the time and I have its subconscious memories. I just try not to make sense of that. It’s easier. I’m 24. -ish. I could give you exact milliseconds, but that’d be irrelevant and very quickly wrong.

Anyway, I’m calling this book “Outsider” because it ends up being about a few different people who could be called Outsiders.


Abacus left you with how Bashiketa got a hold of some nanites because I left them lying there on the floor. And then they went to help Thomas. And Phage was still on the Terra Supreme, the Sunspot’s parent ship. And I’m still not going to tell you much about the Terra Supreme, because it would be rude to do so. Thomas should tell that story, if he wants to or can.

But what Abacus implied did happen. Bashiketa and Thomas managed to link to the nanites on both ships and, through them, to the Networks, and now our Networks are entangled through their Tunnel. And Phage has put what it calls “a Gatekeeper” on that Tunnel so that a Network war doesn’t break out between the two vessels. 

The Gatekeeper is a nearly full copy of Phage that is dedicated to the task.

It also was forced to leave a copy of itself on the Terra Supreme so that it could return to the Sunspot with Bashiketa and Thomas, and also to be my mom again. Which I’m really glad it did.

So, um, yeah. Thomas. On the Sunspot.

Let me tell you about that!

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