I’m Morde. My hope is that before too long, we won’t feel the need to introduce ourselves first thing, because we’ll have found a WP theme we like that can feature our gravatars right next to the first lines of a post, along with our bios. That way we can use the featured photos for other things. We have some other particulars that I might get into here, but I probably won’t cover all of them.

I don’t make all of the decisions for the Inmara, or even help with them. I don’t participate in all that many. But the others do call upon me at times to ask for my intuitive take on what we should do next as a group. It feels a little bit like how I describe my fictional abilities in our novels, only we are all pretty sure that the way I do it is by polling as many members of our system as I can to get a consensus of sorts. We’ve mapped our locations in our brain and compared it to some charts, and it turns out I am near a center of the brain that is suited to this kind of communication. I have long, long dendrites that reach into most other areas of our brain. It works a bit like empathy as a psychic power, only I’m just feeling other parts of our brain that happen to belong to everyone else. And I think I’m going to leave it to Eh or someone else to explain that in a different post.

In any case, what I’m usually called upon to do is step in when the Bridge Crew cannot reason themselves into making a particular decision, and then I’m asked to find out what our gut feeling is. And, most often that happens when we’re walking somewhere or trying to decide what to eat. What path should we take? Which snack should we risk putting in our stomach? Questions like that. And when I pay attention, I feel a tugging in the direction of the choice I guess we should take.

So, anyway, we’ve spent the last two days looking through WP themes for something that fits better than our current one. We have also spent some time going through the CSS and PHP files of our current theme to see if we can customize it the way we want to. And so far, it looks like it will be easier to modify a different theme to correct the stuff we don’t like about it than to fix this one. We’re not that skilled at this stuff, and our programmers are not awake and usually take three weeks to arouse, so we’re certainly not going to make our own theme.

We’re probably going to spend a little bit more time digging up some themes that are good candidates, and then try to compare their features based on some logical analysis that Eh and the AI-kin are much better at than I am. But they have already been tapping me and asking, “how do we feel about this one? Is it enough better to switch now?” So far, it’s been a razor’s edge, leaning toward “keep looking.”

But when I do signal the team to go for it, this site is going to be kinda buggy and weird for a couple of hours while we switch over and bang it into shape.

We’re going to try to make that as smooth as possible, but maybe some reader is going to be caught in the middle of it.

If that happens to you, most of us are sorry about it. The id monsters might be more amused.

5 thoughts on “Decisions

    1. Morde Fenumera says:

      Yes! Only we do have to do something about the moderation system. You and I shouldn’t have to wait for our comments to pass moderation. Nor should any other system member.

          1. Morde Fenumera says:

            You’re cute. And, also, to note for the others, we can hold this conversation via the dashboard, so we don’t have to go to the post every time.

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