Giving up on traditional publishing of our books.

Waiting for a publisher to get back to us regarding our submission has fucked us up for two whole months. It has made us less functional all around, but also, specifically, has made it almost impossible for us to write during that time.
It’s triggering. It triggers our CPTSD.
We are left with no option but to continue self publishing, because we just cannot afford to do business or work for someone else AT ALL.
That’s OK.
Please read our books anyway.
What this means:
Primarily, it means that there are three books we have nearly finished that, once we are done editing them, we will start releasing here on this website. We also have cover designs for two of them, and the third one’s cover is almost finished, so we’ll be trying to get those to print through fairly soon after we start releasing the chapters.
And then, if all goes well, we’ll go back to finishing up the Sunspot Chronicles proper.
Our goal is to start releasing the Tunnel Apparati Diaries on July 31st. We’ll make an announcement if it looks like that’s going to be the date.

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