Misgendering in our dreams

We seem to keep testing each other as part of our dream role playing.

Last night, we dreamt once again that we were spending time, post divorce, doing domestic activities with our ex-wife. And we just couldn’t really keep up with her, and she kept taking control with her authority as cis woman, which was how it always felt.

Then, at the end of the dream, as we were in the process of waking up, our front runner found themselves in a debriefing with someone who supposedly represented the institution of marriage as if it was a government agency, and the agent said, “We really need more good men like we had before.”

And our frontrunner had just opened our eyes and went, “What? No. Hold on.” Then closed our eyes and chewed them out back in the dream, “I am not a man. None of us are. We never were. That was your biggest mistake. Good day!”

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