Return of the Pee Dreams

This should be obvious, but CN: pee, but not in an explicitly kinky way. At least, it didn’t feel that way.

We dreamt last night that we had to pee, because we actually did.

We haven’t had a pee dream in a long time. We used to have them extremely frequently and they were nightmares due to dysphoria. We’ve written about them extensively on Facebook already.

Suffice it to say, in the past, they involved going from toilet to toilet, finding that none of them were suitable to use, and this resulting in a world full of toilets everywhere, like two per livingroom and such.

This pee dream was a little different.

We were in our grandparents old house that was being remodeled. And, both bathrooms were being reconstructed simultaneously, leaving no usable toilet.

So we said to our uncle, “I suppose we have to use an outhouse?”

And he said, “no, just go in the lawn.”

But when we tried to go squat in the lawn, we couldn’t pee because we were in public. Then our whole family came out to join us and also try to pee in the lawn. And we woke up, because that was too ridiculous.

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