2022 Plans

This is a short post.

We don’t do new years resolutions. In fact, for the most part, we don’t recognize the changing of the Roman calendar year as significant to the meaning of our lives. We have other anniversaries.

However, the Roman calendar does dominate our record keeping, and that leads to making some decisions based on it. And this year, one of those decisions happens to look a lot like a resolution.

We are hoping to shift our journaling more completely over to this blog from Facebook and Twitter. At least, we are hoping to do that in regards to our plural related experiences.

So, what we plan to do, starting tomorrow, is to write about our dreams, our innersystem interactions, our moments of amnesia, our plural jokes, and anything else that might be incidental to our plurality here first, and then post links to the blog to our Facebook and Twitter.

The reasons for this are wide and varied, and written about by just about anybody else thinking about doing a similar shift. But, mostly, we want our personal stuff to be in our own personal database, not theirs.

Changing this habit on the New Year means that we have a clear calendar date delineation for when we started doing it, making searching for old posts easier.

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