4th book?

It is possible that we’ve already started work on our fourth book, which will likely be titled the Monsters.

The following is an introduction from it. It might not actually go at the very beginning of the book, we’re not sure. But it’s how this person started writing it:

You wanna hear from us? OK!

My mouth has never known when to shut up, so why should I be any different?

Big difference in all this, between me and everyone else who has written, I’m not telling you my name. I don’t know, maybe you can call me [redacted] and my mouth [withheld]. That’d be pretty funny.

When Morde and Tetcha found me, I barely escaped. And I’m sure you could all track me down if you wanted, but at least I supposedly have the right to consent over whether my name is published or not, and I choose not.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of my perspective, if you all want it so badly.

But, first, sorry, let’s get some things real clear before I continue.

I’m not a Child anymore. I’m a Monster. So far, all of the books written for “the Sunspot Chronicles” have been by or about Children. This one’s not. If you’re a Child, especially if you’re a child, maybe talk to your Tutor and Caretaker before reading another word, because in this book I’m gonna talk about stuff that maybe isn’t for you. Seriously, this is not a joke.

Since the themes of the day seem to be Consent and Autonomy, I plan to get into some of the really serious tangles you can find yourself in if you’re not careful, and the stories I have about that aren’t – well, they are for everybody, but maybe they take some experience to understand properly. Some Maturity, which frankly I’m not even sure the Crew actually has.

Now, I’m also well the fucking aware that I don’t have perfect insight, or even a reliable perspective. I’ve seen plenty of things with my own two eyes that turned out to be wrong, and I’ve thought way more of them. But, you know, when you live with that for long enough, you begin to be able to discern.

And one of the things I’ve discerned is that no matter what you think is going on, people are usually involved, and that makes things hard and complicated.

Don’t want to hurt anybody? Maybe don’t step out your door.

Don’t want to be hurt? Tough shit. It’s already happened.

Want to right the wrongs that this weird “government” you’ve created has caused? I personally don’t believe you, but maybe start by taking a listen to what your mouth has been saying, and see if people are understanding it better than you are.

We’ve kind of strategically planned the first chapter to be something of a conundrum so that we’ll have to spend some time solving it before we can write more. That way we can have the crew for this book do that in our subconscious while we work on getting our first three books printed.

We don’t know when we’ll finish this one, or start posting the chapters. It could be in a month’s time. It could be a year or so from now. If you’ve already been following our work for the past couple of years, you know how it goes.

Anyway, that’s our teaser for you.

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