An Afternoon Dream

Today, we crashed hard this afternoon and napped for a couple of hours with some pretty complex and very vivid dreams. Which we’ve been needing for a while. It was very nice.

One part of the dream involved saving a black calf (baby cow) from a handful of marauding horses. Now, we were in a house, it a very rural suburb with lots of houses and trees near a lake. Not really the kind of landscape you’d imagine seeing horses or a calf.

We found the calf in bedroom of one of the houses, apparently hiding from the horses. And it wasn’t very small at this point, either. It’s shoulder came up to our breastbone. But it felt the need to hug us by putting each foreleg on one of our shoulders and laying its head next to ours. And we spent a good deal of time hugging it back, and it felt so good.

Then we spent the rest of the dream trying to find a way out of the suburb with the calf to get to safety, and every now and then we’d turn a corner and there was one of the horses, who’d charge us. And the horses were clearly after the calf, to terrorize it or something. So we didn’t feel afraid of the horses so much as concerned for the calf.

We woke up in the middle of doing this, so presumably a handful of us have been continuing with that dream and figuring out how to resolve it.

But what was neat to us about this dream is that we Bridge crew were clearly visiting someone else’s nightmare but not actually getting caught up in it like we usually do, not becoming the target of the monster or serial killer or whatever it is that’s doing the terrorizing. And they were clearly grateful for our presence and we were helping them out.

That’s pretty new for us. Usually, we get caught up in the nightmare first.

The other neat thing that’s also funny is that I think this is the first time the monsters were horses. Literal nightmares. Except in the middle of the afternoon.

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