Book 4: the Monsters progress

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As chief of the Monsters, I’m speaking for [Redacted] until they can set up their account here.

We made progress on the planning of book 4, the Monsters, today while taking a short break from writing Blood in the Duff.

 It was a lot of progress and many of us are feeling like that book will be much easier to write now. Which means that we’ll almost certainly circle back around and complete it once Blood in the Duff is done, instead of finishing

Molly Rocketcoil and the Light of the Abyss.

We’re sorry about the delays to these unfinished stories, and the gaps in the series. We will get to them. We have just learned that when we get stuck on something, it does work for us to let it sit fallow for as long as it needs. It turns out better that way.

In other news, I really need to make myself a gravatar.

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