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On tumblr, there is a blog called writing-prompt-s that regularly posts prompts that you can use to jumpstart your writing process. It’s probably one of many, but it’s the one we found.

We only respond to the ones that speak to us, or that we belligerently want to twist and turn on themselves because they make assumptions we don’t like. And that’s OK! You can do that if you’re following them. There are no rules.

But, these little fics we write have been some of our more popular posts, and it’s been a great source of endorphins as people reblog them with compliments.

However, searching your own tumblr archives is a pain in the ass, so we thought we’d make a list here of what we’ve written so far. Also, now you can easily find and read them.

Gladiators in Hell:


A Godly Prank:


You Were Nemeses:


Avoid Earth Probably:


Here There Be Humans:


You Were Roommates:


Adopt a Fae Child, Please:





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