Slow Sex at Faster Than the Speed of Light

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Here is a post canon sex scene for the Adventures of Molly Rocketcoil that we originally wrote for a queer flash fiction anthology that we missed the deadline for.

We put it on An Archive of Our Own, because it is very explicit and we wanted to put it on a site designed for handling such work, separate from what we publish here.

Blood in the Duff is skirting that explicitness, but won’t ever cross over into it.

What we mean by “post canon” is that it takes place after anything else we intend to write for the Molly Rocketcoil series. We might change our minds about that later, but for now, that’s the official take. It is canon, though. It is a thing that happens. It is, specifically, goals for Leslie and Susan. It contains light spoilers if you haven’t read the first few chapters of the series. And the spoiler that Leslie and Susan survive, but they’re the heroes of a sci-fi pulp serial. Of course they’re going to survive!

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