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In the vein of shifting the focus of our online activity to our wordpress blog, we’ve updated the look and feel our website a little bit.

The front page now features an excerpt of our latest blog post, as well as a menu of the books we’ve written, and a list of the five most recent posts. This list of five posts includes all categories of posts, including latest chapters, blog posts, short stories, etc. So, at a quick glance, you can see what we’ve added recently.

We’ve also changed the whole site over to dark theme colors. We’d like to make the site switchable between light and dark themes, but we haven’t figured out how to customize the theme for how to do that yet. In the mean time, we find that a dark theme makes for a lot less eye strain while reading long text such as a novel. We suspect that most of our readers have similar experiences, and are gambling that that is the case. We apologize if this makes the site less accessible to you. In the future, we hope to improve this even more.

We’ve also started making banners that we can set as “featured images” for our posts. These generally won’t be customized per post, but rather will give you a quick, at a glance idea of whether the post is a blog post or a chapter of one of our stories. And, as these featured images propagate, we might end up doing away with the big old site banner. Or reducing it significantly in size somehow. We’ll see.

Thank you so much for reading, and please do leave your feedback in the comments. We’d like to try to take your needs into consideration.


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