Cities of the Sunspot

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We’ve finally named the cities found on the Sunspot. And we put them on this panoramic rendering of the Garden.

A panoramic map of the Garden of the Sunspot including the names of the cities.

The names are:

  • Frra (where the Pembers lived during Systems’ Out!)
  • Yitrabin
  • Kwera (where Blood in the Duff takes place)
  • Kyoteshkya
  • Rewärkyef
  • Korrabail (Gopra Pyle)
  • Rihifer
  • Shuniberl
  • Ku’e (Jam)
  • Berrin
  • Obal
  • Fikwakyet (Fairport)
  • Nagkiwe (where Ni’a lives in Ni’a and Outsider)
  • Kirarreto (Agaricales)

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