Personal Tablets on the Sunspot

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If you are on the Sunspot and you want to access the Network without the use of a neural terminal, you’ll want a personal tablet. Especially if you don’t also happen to have a Tutor, though typically one will be assigned to you until you dismiss it.

People who use tablets tend to be children who are too young to fully access their neural terminals, Monsters (who have rejected their neural terminals and also usually their Tutors), and Outsiders, but some people also just like them for their physicality.

A Sunspot tablet is basically the same kind of thing most English speaking humans of the early 21st century Earth call tablets or phones. But on the Sunspot, you have your tablet custom made for you when you need it. In fact, after the nanite innovation, you may even temporarily construct one out of nanite clay and dispose of it when you are done.

They’re construction is exceedingly simple, considering the state of technology on the Sunspot. All you need is a screen and some kind of backing to make it easy to read. Cameras, speakers, microphones, sockets, controllers, other sensors, and the like can all easily be added or synthesized using the nanites. Processing and memory is simply part of the same matrix of technology that makes up the Network, the construction nanites.

There are literally billions of tablet designs to choose from if you don’t want to make up your own from scratch, and your Tutor can help you filter them. Or, if you don’t have a Tutor, the Auditor itself can do the same filtering easily.

A depiction of four different tablet designs that one might find on the Sunspot.

Pictured here are some of the most basic designs people have used. All depicted with the same materials. But really, you can slap a screen on anything, and so long as you have enough nanites embedded in it, which you just command them to do, it will serve as a tablet. You could, conceivable, slap a screen on the back of your friend, and then they will be your tablet. You could, even, just use a screen with an opaque layer of nanite clay as backing, but it starts to get hard to hold at that point. And most people like to personalize their tablets for their comfort and personal expression.

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