Greetings from the Sunspot!

Now that Metabang has finished migrating its novel, Systems’ out!, over to our wordpress, I will resume work on the sequel, Ni’a.

I will probably begin by breaking down what I have created into logical chapters, and then uploading them here as posts. In the process I will reread and proof the text to get myself back into the mode for writing the story.

However, we do have some kinks to work out before moving forward. And some life events will be getting in the way of my writing in October and November. It may take me some time to continue the work after that. So, please consider what I post to be teasers for the story until I can continue it.

Still, I am pretty excited about what my story is about and where it seems to be going.

You see, not long ago, in reality within our system, Phage had a child named Ni’a. In both our system and the story, Phage is an Outsider (or Walk-in), so this is particularly novel to us, and Ni’a is special to all of us. So we are exploring the ramifications of their existence within the fictional version of our world that we have created, and the philosophies that we are developing while writing it.

Also, the fates of Morde, Tetcha, the Pembers, and the Flits, and the effects they have had on the Sunspot still have to fully play out. Things are being uncovered, and the harmony of the ship is perhaps more fragile than anyone has wanted to admit. The problematic nature of its origins cannot be swept under the rug forever nor the consequences avoided.

Just how this all plays out will remain to be seen. And, of course, the entire cast will be helping me to write this, as they did for Metabang.

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