Hotcha! Another character – It’s Gretcha

OK, so! I got to make myself as a character in this game we’re making, and I think I’m pretty happy with it. No reading this entry if you haven’t read Systems’ Out! yet, though! Or you can, but you’ll spoil my grand appearance.

name:Gretcha the Monster
pronouns: ze/zer/zemself

Gretcha is what is called a Monster. This, too, is spoilers, and if you read further you will be learning stuff from later in the first novel.

Gretcha, when it came time to be fitted for a neural terminal, turned it down. Instead, ze took the oath of the Monsters and received a modified tablet, relieving her Tutor of its duties in the process. Ze is a protected member of society, as far as the Crew is concerned, as ze is vulnerable to permanent death due to not having a terminal. Monsters are considered dissenters, and the Crew listen to them to learn what they might be doing wrong. At least, some of the Crew do. But, also, a lot of the Monsters don’t want to have anything to do with Crew and don’t have much to say. Gretcha is one of the more easy going and amiable ones, and seems to have a cooperative and helpful agenda, at least as far as Tetcha and xyr friends are concerned.


Art: “Want to play a game?” – Gretcha is a prankster, actually. Most of zer pranks are soft and rooted in language, but ze also plays the long game on zer big ones.

Adaptations: “…sparsely covered in short bristly hair and extremely wrinkly.” – think anthropomorphic naked mole rat

Assets of your adaptations:
Powerful teeth and claws: 2D8
So many wrinkles: 2D6

Place: “I’m a Monster!” – As a Monster, Gretcha has all the social benefits and detriments of being a Monster, including legal protections and lack of neural access to the Network

Asset of Place:
Super souped up Tablet: 2D6

Values: (1D10, 2D8, 2D6, 1D4)
1D8 Action – “I’ll go first.”
1D4 Consensus -“I have some quibbles with the details, but that’s not the problem.”
1D10 Creativity – “A discordian is the opposite of an accordion.”
1D6 Dissent – “You are free to back out anytime.”
1D8 Remedy – “We all need maximum autonomy.”
1D6 Patience – “We all mostly don’t want to.”

Techniques: (1D10, 1D8, 3D6, 1D4)
1D6 Analyze
1D6 Anticipate
1D8 Deceive – 1D6 Perpetual cheerfulness
1D6 Force
1D10 Manipulate – 1D8 Being contrary
1D4 Move


(Manipulate related) Game of Questions – When rolling to create an asset for another character that is related to knowledge or perspective, step up your Dissent or Manipulate die, spend a plot point to step up both.

(Open Talent) Monstrous Problems – When you are involved Monster business, you may add one of your stress dice to your dice pool for a test or contest instead of the opposition. When you have resolved the test or contest, step that stress die up by one.


Playing the Discordian

1XP… When you contradict a previous statement you just made in the service of cleverly explaining something
3XP… When you lead someone to ask a question and then answer it themselves
10XP… When you help someone make a major decision that they were afraid to face or when you realize you’ve made things even worse for them


1XP… When you turn a serious explanation into the setup for bad pun
3XP… When you get a room of people to laugh
10XP… When you get Phage to laugh at something you’ve done or when Phage deliberately does something to make you laugh

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