NaNoWriMo 2023

We’ve been really, really sick for the past two months, which is why we haven’t been writing.

Well, we’re feeling better now.

Which means that we can start writing again.

And we’re going to kick off our return to it by participating in NaNoWriMo. But, instead of writing a whole new novel, what we’re going to do is finish the ones that have been left hanging.

Tomorrow, we’re going to reread what we’ve done in Blood in the Duff in preparation for starting it back up on Wednesday, the first of November.

When it is done, presumably in a week or so, we’ll then reread what we did in Molly Rocketcoil and the Light of the Abyss and then finish that story.

If what remains in those two books ends up being more than 50,000 words, that’ll be good. But, by our track record, we’ll be able to do it all within a month without going any faster than our typical writing speed.

If that’s all shorter than 50,000 words, we’ve got another story in mind that might be a short story, novella, or novel, depending on what it wants to be. That one will be canon to the Sunspot Chronicles, but not necessarily part of the series. Like, not part of the overall plot, just part of the theme and canonical to the setting.

Then we’ll tackle the Monsters in the new year.

We hope.

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