“No Evil”

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We’re watching “No Evil”, produced by Warlord of Noodles and friends.

We’re not done with it, but we recommend it a lot.

Because many scenes are just of the animal people (spirits), it often feels like being home on the Sunspot. But there are humans around, too.

Also great about it is that jackalopes are the go-to domesticated herd animal for everyone in the setting.

The link we gave goes to the second video in the series. It’s really compelling, we think, and it’s central to the story that develops. Up until episode 9, it’s backstory, character development, and animation tests. The story really starts at ep 9, but it’s worth watching everything else first. The early videos are just one to a few minutes long each, anyway.

So, to end this on a bit of a progress report. We’re between coming home from a very emotional visit with our parents and an EBT renewal interview, which is triggering but we have to do it. So, we’re not in a very good writing place.

We don’t have any sort of a set schedule, and may take unannounced hiatuses here and there, but we always come back to our novels eventually. It’s possible we’ll burnout at some point, leaving something unfinished. But we’ll try to make an announcement when that happens.

In any case, we have been making progress on the latest chapter of Blood in the Duff. It’s longer than it was a week ago. It’s just a pretty rough chapter, and we want to be as lucid as possible when we work to wrap it up.

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