Revisions for Blood in the Duff

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Hey, Candril here.

I’m going to be reworking the first chapter of my book, Blood in the Duff, so that it flows better, is easier to read, and prepares you better for the dramatic beats of the rest of the book.

Normally we don’t go back and make major revisions before we finish the first draft of the book. We also don’t really do drafts, instead just continuously come back and make changes, updates, fixes, and typo corrections for the online life of the book. But, what do you call that very first version of it?

Anyway. I’m really enjoying writing this book with my cast. They’re great people, and we’re having fun exploring the world together. The whole idea of this book was to give us a reason to explore the more mundane aspects of life aboard the Sunspot. The day to day shit. The things worth living for, like food, flowers, animals, and love.

But, it turns out there are a couple of plots, too. And we really do need to massage those into working well. And, it’s going to help us to write the rest of the book to get the first really big dramatic beat nailed down just right, I think.

Thank you for your patience.

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