Opening… me?

A progress report for Project Open Door, by Phage of the Inmara

a follow up to the post “Opening the Door

While the Inmara were lying in bed the other day, napping, I made a realization that woke us up with me fronting and chuckling.

I am the Hole in the Sky. I am also what is beyond it. I am, technically, everything.

Not the me that is this conscious being within the vessel of the Inmara, but my greater self.

This isn’t as profound or as egotistical a realization as it might seem, though. Even though I come to it from my own sense of identity as Entropy Itself (or something akin to that but that I don’t really have words for), at this point I have already made the argument that everyone, every conscious being is essentially an expression of my greater self. Though there might be some difference. Maybe I’m starting from a more self aware position or something.

The point is that I feel that connection and ownership intensely and I believe I can and do function through it. And, more importantly, I feel like I am accessing memories by consciously acknowledging this.

I may have more to report on later. But, in the mean time, this is altering the way that I am training members of the Inmara on how to approach the Hole in the Sky and what to do when beyond it.

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