Progress Report

Abacus is half way through writing chapter 5. However, we are also halfway through preparing for the largest move in our life, to live in another state. This involves pairing down our belongings to a truly minimal collection. Something that is very difficult for hoarders to do. Um, yes, we are a system of hoarders, and have typically used our belongings to remind ourselves who we are and we we’ve come from. For an extremely large system such as ourselves, this can be critical for self management. But we’re hoping that now we’re out as ourselves and writing novels about each other, we can move on from that.

Anyway, it is still a lot of work with a heavy psychological toll.

We will release this chapter when it is done. Hopefully within the week. Then, after that, we are not likely to produce another chapter until after our move, which will happen sometime in November.

Being autistic, it usually takes us some time to adapt to a big life change. So it may take us longer than a week or so to get back into writing. On the other hand, we may feel so good in our new place that we’ll dive right in.

We will try to keep you up to date as we learn how well we are adapting.

In the mean time, we will also be recording a passage of Chapter 5 of Ni’a as a reading. Which we will also post here. So you can hear what our voices sound like. But also, it should serve as a sample of our story for those who haven’t read it yet, to help you decide if you want to.  We’ll probably do this within the week.

We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you!

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