Scribble Hub?

Abacus, here.

We have discovered a writing community called Scribble Hub, and we are discussing how we’re going to participate in it. A friend of ours is in the process of writing a story there called Help! I’m falling for an alien!, and we highly recommend it. I certainly love it so far. But in going there to read that, we have discovered that the community seems good and promising, so some of us are hopeful that in interacting with it we will be inclined to write more often.

Certainly, in reading Murbelass’ work, we’ve been inspired to write. But not in the Story of Ni’a!

We have another story idea in mind that was inspired by a webcomic called Out of Placers, by Val Salia. And reading Help! I’m falling for an Alien! and interacting with the forums on Scribble Hub have us thinking more about that story. I’m even swept up in it. While also, our cast for Ni’a are still struggling with trying to figure out what that story is really about. But we’re getting some ideas for it, too, so there is progress.

In the mean time, may I distract you with my Spotify playlist?

Anyway, while you’re listening to that, here are our tentative plans:

  1. Continue editing Systems’ Out! and then release it on a quick schedule over at Scribble Hub for the entertainment of the people there.
  2. Let Ni’a sit in hiatus for as long as the crew needs to get back to it.
  3. Start work on our third story, and release it first at Scribble Hub, then put it up here when it’s done.
  4. Continue exploring this blog.

Thank you for reading!

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