This is a test

Here is a 360 degree view an HDRI we rendered of the inside of the Garden of the Sunspot. You can make it full screen by hitting the VR button, and you can move it around with your mouse (or you can actually view it with a VR headset that way, too). Well, it should work, but it’s not doing it right on our computer.

This is just a rough version, the very first we’ve got working, and there are a lot of tweaks we need to make. It is also our inworld version, not accurate to the novels and other stories we’re writing.

In canon, the trees have purple needles and leaves, so distant land needs to look mostly purple. In our inworld, it’s all green, just like on Earth.

As we finish the design fit for the fictional canon, we’ll post several of these from various different vantage points, including one standing on the forward ice ring!

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