Goodnight, Tiger

Last night’s dream ended on a quiet, sombre note. All through the dream, there was this very big, very old tiger that was part of our team. And our frontrunner was in charge of helping the tiger wake up after every nap. They would do this by accompanying the tiger while it moved from the dream world into the waking world.

Obviously, in the dream we would take regular naps and dream together, even though when we weren’t taking naps we had separate dream bodies. This is, actually, very close to how we perceive things when we really wake up, even though we have one body. Unless we’re merged together in the front, we perceive each other has having separate bodies (in a way – we’ll describe this in a later post, as it’s lengthy).

Anyway, it was getting harder and harder to help the tiger wake up. And eventually, our frontrunner told the tiger, “I’m sorry buddy. But it’s just not kind anymore to make you endure waking.” And the tiger agreed and faded away.

Then our vessel woke up, and we lay in bed feeling sad about the tiger.

Today is the eve of the anniversary of one of our partner’s dying. They passed away last year on January 6, from unknown causes, while taking their dogs out to pee. We sort of feel like this dream might be related.

Anyway, our Auditor reports that no system member has left the system or died on its watch. So, as far as we know, when we role play death in a dream, as real as it may seem, it is just role playing and not real. But we still miss the tiger.

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