Phage’s Character Sheet


I’m a bit of a spoiler for the Systems’ Out! So if you haven’t read that book yet, you may want to skip this post. Or, if you don’t mind spoilers, please enjoy.

Anyway, this is me at the beginning of the story (or the middle of it, really). I’d make my stats and statements a bit different for the sequel. But that would be true for all of us who are in the cast.

name: Phage
pronouns: it/its

Phage is refered to as “the Chief Monster” by some people of the Sunspot. Not much is known for sure about it. Reading much further will spoil major plot points of our first novel, Systems’ Out!

Phage might be an emergent intelligence of the early systems of the Sunspot, originally haunting the construction nanites and now banished to the Engine Room of the Sunspot, tasked with overseeing the daily management of the ship’s systems. Or, it might be an Outsider of unknown origin, a disembodied intelligence from “beyond” who has been allowed to remain aboard the ship, living in the Network like the Crew. Or, it might be what it says it is, Entropy itself.


Art: “I am Entropy itself” – manages the transformation of energies in all systems aboard the Sunspot. ALL systems, including yours.

Adaptations: “They invited me to make my home here and I help run the ship. But I scare them.” – Phage has access to Network channels to communicate via voice or text, but can only interact directly with anyone that visits it. It also has access to the all the ship’s power systems.

Assets of your adaptations:
The Off Switch: 2D8
Political Power with the Monsters: 2D6

Place: “No one has visited me in this manner, ever.” – Although it could probably leave of its own volition, Phage chooses to honor the Sanction of the Crew and remain in the Engine Room, alone. It treats this like a law of physics it cannot break.

Values: (1D10, 2D8, 2D6, 1D4)
1D4 Action – “All action is the expression of me.”
1D8 Consensus – “I have been denied access to consensus.”
1D8 Creativity – Regardless of what I say I am, the process of entropic decay made you, too.
1D6 Dissent – “Are those memories real? I don’t know, but they make me what I am. Which is not you.”
1D6 Remedy – “Doing kind things for others who are in pain, is so amazing.”
1D10 Patience – “I have been conscious in this ship since its construction and I have seen so many lives begin, struggle, flourish, diminish, cry in agony, and die.”

Techniques: (1D10, 1D8, 3D6, 1D4)
1D6 Analyze – 1D6 Has literally seen everything
1D8 Anticipate – 1D6 Is literally part of everything
1D6 Deceive
1D8 Force
1D10 Manipulate – 1D8 Nudging Complex Systems
1D4 Move


(Manipulate related) Universal Perspective – Double your Manipulate die when trying to plant an idea in someone’s mind through conversation.

(open talent) Spreading Entropy – Spend a plot point to give someone else a D4 as part of their roll. (this is really not a viable talent for a PC)


Protect the Sunspot

1XP… Any time you honor your Contract with the Crew
3XP… Any time you protect the Sunspot from damage, stress, or danger despite violating the spirit of your Contract with the Crew
10XP… When you save the Sunspot from an untimely demise or you get to eat the Sunspot as it is destroyed

Cheif of the Monsters

1XP… When you communicate with someone from outside the Engine Room
3XP… When you give someone advice they can use, but in a cryptic way
10XP… When you free yourself from being confined to the Engine Room or prove that it is a fruitless confinement.

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