More weird neurology stuff

OK, this is something we’ve experienced before, and now we’re wondering if it’s related to our visual artifact from earlier today.

We have fibromyalgia. It’s pretty mild compared to other cases we’ve heard about, or we dissociate from our pain enough that we don’t think about it much anymore. But we are in constant pain, and other awful sensations. And our left side is far more sensitive to it all than our right side. Like, we’ll get that allodynia that feels like you’ve got a bad sunburn all over your body, only it’ll only be on the left side.

Anyway, for the past hour or so, our left side has been feeling frigidly cold, and shivering.  When we measure the temperatures with our hands, there’s no difference in actual body heat. But from the centerline of our body over to the left, from head to toe, our body feels like it’s in below freezing temperatures without clothes, and the right side of our body feels perfectly comfortable. On the left side, bones ache, there’s goosebumps, and muscles keep twitching spasming to keep warm.

It’s very strange.

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