a weird visual artifact

We don’t think this was part of a migraine, but we tagged it as such just in case it turns out it is related.

When we wrote about last night’s dream, we did so on our phone while lying on our left side in bed. When we were done, we put the phone away and rolled over onto our back to look up at the ceiling for a little bit. And we immediately noticed this weird visual artifact. After some experimentation, we discovered it was only in our left eye, and it had some weird behavior.

First of all, it looked almost exactly like the drawing we’ve set as the featured image of this post. Like a wadded up ball of yarn scraps allowed to loosen up a bit, with the frayed ends as a halo around it.

Except that it was moving. It was like it was badly animated with only the key frames and no tweening, proceeding at a pace similar to if you said, “flipflipflipflipflip” as fast as you can. So, essentially, each of the squiggley lines just sort of blinked or teleported through a series of different positions.

When we had either both eyes or only our left eye open, it would take up about the same amount of space in our vision as our thumb at arms length.

When we closed our left eye but kept our right eye open, it would disappear entirely.

And when we had both eyes closed, it would take up almost all of our vision, with the squiggly lines being proportionately bigger. Opening and closing our left eye would make it look exactly like we were zooming in and out on it in Photoshop.

We have no idea what caused this or why it functioned the way it did. It was gone in minutes. And we are utterly intrigued by it, even if it’s totally innocuous and normal. It feels like something we’ve seen before, but we don’t recall it. It also felt weird and spooky, like we were being visited by a hyperdimensional being from another plane of existence. But then, we feel like hyperdimensional beings from another plane of existence, so that feeling doesn’t tell us much.

We’re going to drop a goog on this now. Might report what we find in the comments.

3 thoughts on “a weird visual artifact

  1. Inmara Ktletaccete Fenumera says:

    So far, we can’t find any indication that anybody has reported a similar visual phenomena. But, it looks like if it is related to anything serious, it’s migraine.

    Aside from not looking like anything any other migrainieur has reported, it follows the descriptive patterns of a migraine artifact. And we do get visual migraines.

  2. Rae says:

    Good morning,

    I wanted to share with you that I was having an awful nightmare last night while recovered from a bad headache. When my partner woke me and I readjusted myself, I could see this exact image in both my eyes. It started off much longer than this, frantically moving legs which bent both left and right crossing over eachother.
    As I kept blinking, the image slowly shrank down to a more ‘tidy’ spider shape, but still moving like frantic nerves or like how I’ve seen viruses move under a microscope on television.
    It has happened before a few months back and forgot about it until last nights episode again.
    This time I researched it and found your image.
    How strange!


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