Last night, we had two separate dreams that were happening parallel to each other that kind of blended together every time we rolled over.

On one side, we were dreaming about a group of us being caught by supervillains and how our leader was planning not only an escape but a grand turn around where we’d defeat and capture the villains.

On the other side, we were dreaming about returning to our ex’s house to house sit while she was away, and doing the dishes while remember some of the disasters that happened (none of which actually happened in the outworld) that lead to our divorce.

This kind of dual dreaming happens for us a lot, but we haven’t noticed the dreams blend together like these two tried to do. Mostly, the settings of each dream started to look like the other.

What we think is happening is that each hemisphere of our brain is having a separate dream. And as we lie on one side or the other, it cues our Bridge crew to look in on one or the other. When we lie on our back, sometimes there’s a third dream, but usually it remains the dream that we were in when we were last on one of our sides.

Our prevailing theory is that when we lie on our left side, we consciously experience our left hemisphere’s dream, and visa versa. But we have yet to collect conclusive evidence of this. However, the evidence supporting this from last night is that it’s the dragons (those in the left hemisphere) who did the bulk of the fronting and identifying with being married when we were together with our ex. And the superhero dream was all in third person, which we feel is more common on the girls’ side for some reason. (We have theories about that, too)

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