My turn: An AI Tutor as an RPG character

name: Metabang
pronouns: it/its/itself

At the beginning of Systems’ Out! Metabang is the Tutor of the Pembers, a plural system. Metabang was created shortly after the Sunspot was build, and is essentially as old as the ship itself, which has been traveling through deep space for centuries, hundreds of generations. Some time ago, a previous student of Metabang’s suffered from such severe physical dysphoria that they died prematurely from it, despite all the accommodations that the neural terminals at the time could provide. As a result, Metabang requested time from the Crew to research potential solutions to preventing another student from suffering the same fate. It was granted the room to do so, and as a result it developed the model of using the ship’s ancient construction nanites as a new kind of neural terminal. It presented this idea to the Crew, and after a great deal of deliberation, they agreed, and then assigned Metabang to oversee the experiment and to include its current students as subjects of the experiment. Metabang then decided to write a novel about it in lieu of its usual reports.


Art: “I’m an AI Tutor” – Knows the history, culture, and laws of the Sunspot, and is very good at teaching them

Adaptations: “I exist solely on the Network, but my psyche comes from the same evolutionary algorithm as yours” – has no body, is ancient, has Tutor level access

Assets of your adaptations:
Part of Tutor social network: 2D8
Tutor level access to systems: 2D6

Place: “The Pembers are my current Students” – assigned to raise the Pembers, currently

Values: (1D10, 2D8, 2D6, 1D4)
1D6 Action – “It’s not my job to take action”
1D6 Consensus – “Consent is one of the two human rights”
1D8 Creativity – “I am not a creative being”
1D4 Dissent – “It’s not my job to give dissent”
1D10 Remedy – “We should do everything we can for those who suffer”
1D8 Patience – “Who knows why the Crew deliberate the way they do. We must wait for them, anyway.”

Techniques: (1D10, 1D8, 3D6, 1D4)
1D10 Analyze – 1d8 Centuries of Observation
1D4 Anticipate
1D6 Deceive
1D6 Force
1D6 Manipulate – 1D6 Massaging the Report
1D8 Move – 1D6 Multitasking

(Analyze related) – Processing Power – Whenever you are trying to solve a puzzle, double your highest die.
(open talent) – Instruction – When creating an asset for your student to use, step it up.



1XP… when you can advise your student how to avoid danger or mishap
3XP… when you correctly anticipate a serious danger
10XP… when you help guide your student successfully to Ascension without Sanction or when you utterly fail at it


1XP… when you advise your student outside the boundaries of Crew policy
3XP… when you get the Crew to agree with one of your unconventional ideas
10XP… when your unconventional idea that is adopted by the Crew either benefits society or when it blows up in everyone’s face

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