Bianca and White Fang

Occasionally, we have a new (or old) headmate come forward for the first time since we’ve come out as plural. And we like to record that as part of our journaling.

Now, we have a family of wolves in our system consisting of Brenna, Ian, and their children, Athena, Ajax, and four others who are yet unnamed.

A day or so ago, we had a big, fluffy white wolf come to the bridge and roll around on her back in front of us all, as if to say, “Hi! I’m here!” And we didn’t recognize her. So, we’ve been waiting for her to come forward and give us her name.

We thought she was one of Ian and Brenna’s pups, but it turns out she’s not.

Just a few minutes ago, we were taking the time to invite her forward.

Briefly, before she came forward, we had an old friend show up, our liaison for White Fang. White Fang is on the dragon’s side and was actually probably the one who was fronting when the white wolf first showed up. But we worked out that that White Fang wasn’t the white wolf because of that. They have a very familiar and old feeling when fronting, and it’s different from the energy that the white wolf gives off. So we shooed them away, telling them to get the other wolf to come forward. Which she did.

It turns out that she’s very likely the liaison for Bianca from the Rescuers, only she’s decided to be a wolf now! Or, she’s a new headmate who’s named herself after Bianca. It’s possible and very likely that she’s Bianca’s liaison’s child, actually.

We’re not going to worry about the details too much, though. It’s pretty hard to nail them down in our system, unless someone is willing to spend a lot of time in the front feeling out their memories. The important detail is that she’s not one of Ian and Brenna’s pups, as far as we can tell.

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