It’s me! Tetcha!

Of course, I’m going to follow Morde with my character design. I think it needs some tweeking to fit with the story a little better. But it’s pretty close!

This was fun. I got to set up my character as I was at the beginning of the story, and be all self deprecating about it. Like, we each get to grow as the novel proceeds, so it’s important to include the bits about ourselves that have room to grow. Also, it was fun setting up my stats and talents to play off of Morde. We make a rather dynamic duo in the story, after all.

Name: Tetcha Student of Abacus
pronouns: xe/xem/xyr

Tetcha is the Student of Abacus and romantic partner of Morde. Xe likes to dress in a blazer and slacks designed to accommodate xyr frilled tail, but goes bear foot. And xe carries a satchel where xe collects odd and interesting items xe finds and xyr tablet as well. Xe is a thinker, and is constantly ruminating on every puzzle xe can imagine, including major unsolvable ones as well as anything minor that might cross xyr path. And xe is almost constantly talking with Morde about xyr observations and speculations. Xe is very proud of xyr relationship with Morde and


Art: “It’s Outsiders, isn’t it?” – Tetcha is really good at trying out and evaluating explanations for things, and running with them.

Adaptations: “The diversity of humanity is amazing!” – Chimerical humanoid
assets of your adaptations
Tail for Balance: 2D8
Horns for Headbutts: 2D6
Barbels and Plume for expressiveness: 2D6

Place: “I go where you go.” – deep and trusting relationship with Morde


D6 Action – “Let’s think things through before we act”
D4 Consensus – “Question everything”
D10 Creativity – “Speculation is the spice of everything”
D8 Dissent – “If we all trust each other, it’s not dissent, it’s just talking things out”
D6 Remedy – “Change is hard”
D8 Patience – “As long as we’re talking, I can wait for anything”

D10 Analyze – Focus: D8 Morde
D6 Anticipate
D4 Deceive
D6 Force
D6 Manipulate – Focus: D6 Whining
D8 Move

(Analyze related) Ruminate – When using Analyze with either Consensus or Dissent in a roll, you may double your Analyze die.

(open talent) Elaborate – When using an asset created by another player, step it up.



1XP… when you suggest a possibility that no one has mentioned yet
3XP… when someone agrees with one of your wilder ideas
10XP… when your analysis is critical to solving a major problem OR it turns out to be disastrous because it is wrong


1XP… when you include Morde in your decision making
3XP… when you help Morde feel better during a dysphoric episode
10XP… when you help Morde end hir dysphoria or lose hir to it

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