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Hey. So, we’ve been working on a role playing game for the setting of our novels, and as sort of a halfway point to work out some of our ideas, we’ve roughed out a set of rules using Cortex Prime. And, as a test of our character creation rules for that, I’ve gone and made my character from Systems’ Out as an RPG character in that game.

This is also part of the #CharacterCreationChallenge, where we create one character per day in January. So, we’re aiming to do this for 31 one of us! We’ll be getting into the characters of our sequels by mid month. And, these entries should be able to serve as the beginnings of a cast page for this site!

name: Morde Student of Ralf
pronouns: sie/hir/hirs

Morde is the friend of the Pembers and the Flits, and also the romantic partner of Tetcha. Hir AI tutor is named Ralf, and Ralf calls hir “Boss”. Morde is known, by all who know hir, for hir nigh supernatural intuition. At the beginning of the story, it has yet to be tested beyond having avoided a couple of significant accidents and a myriad of unnamed minor coincidences, but Tetcha fully believes in it and calls it “Morde’s Magic”. Ralf and the other tutors of the friends’ group agree that sie is unusual in hir ability to anticipate dangers, possible resources, and the needs of others. Morde’s physique is rare amongst the passengers of the Sunspot, exhibiting a set of arms and tentacle similar to a squid that are big and sturdy enough for hir to walk on. Hir mouth is a beak that is hidden in the center of these appendages, as they sprout from hir head. Sie hides most of hir anatomy under a big, hooded cloak, and sie has two bony arms that sie fits through the sleeves of the cloak. Sie suffers from severe physical dysphoria (something others with hir body type have not reported experiencing), and this drives almost all of hir actions in some way.


Art: “We should go this way…” – has an almost magical level of intuition

Adaptations: “I walk on my face!” – has eight squid-like arms and two tentacles that sie can walk on in addition to hir human-like bony arms
Assets of your adaptations:
Eight Point Stance: 2D8
Grippy Suction Cupped Tentacles: 2D6

Place: “I will go where you go.” – deep and trusting relationship with Tetcha

D8 Action – “The right action will present itself”
D6 Consensus – “Just hear me out”
D4 Creativity – “Novel solutions come in a flash”
D12 Dissent – “I hate the Crew with all my soul”
D8 Remedy – “Nobody should ever have to experience anything like my dysphoria”
D6 Patience – “Time is running out”

D8 Analyze
D10 Anticipate
D4 Deceive
D6 Force
D6 Manipulate
D6 Move

(Anticipate related) Soothsayer – When you spend a plot point to create an asset, you can make it usable by everybody.
(open talent) “I’m up against a wall here” – When dealing with an unruly or dangerous subject, increase Legal stress to decrease Mental stress



1XP… when you give advice as to what everyone should do next
3XP… when a friend utilizes an asset that you created in addressing a crisis
10XP… when you help a someone who is hopelessly lost find their way home OR when you assist them in creating a new home


1XP… when you take the time to sooth your dysphoria in your usual ways
3XP… – when you manage to get everyone to agree to a group decision in the service of helping your dysphoria
10XP… when you end your suffering either by finding the solution to your dysphoria or by giving up

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