A Character Sheet for the Pembers

 For today’s entry in the Character Creation Challenge, we present the Pembers:

name: The Pembers Students of Metabang
pronouns: they/them (also varies per system member)

The Pembers are an enormous plural system (several people that share one body) under the tutelage of Metabang, the author of Systems’ Out! They are friends of Tetcha, Morde, and the Flits. Some of them experience physical dysphoria to varying degrees. And the way their system works results in behavior and struggles similar to ADHD. To compensate, they have learned how to cooperate by regularly holding counsel meetings during which they use a form of parliamentary procedure. Some well known members include Myra, Morga, Jural, Ferin, Toost, Ploot, Bet, and Balmer, who will be getting separate character sheets following this one.


Art: “There are a LOT of us” – Very large plural system, highly adaptable but suffer from executive dysfunction and sometimes memory issues, similarly to ADHD

Adaptations: Bristlely, feathery anthopomorphic opossum

Assets of your adaptations:
prehensil tail: 2D8
expressive plumage: 2D6

Place: Leaders of their friends group (Tetcha, Morde, and the Flits)

Values: (1D10, 2D8, 2D6, 1D4)
1D8 Action – “It’s probably a good idea to get a thing done before someone else takes over.”
1D10 Consensus – “Parliamentary proceedure works!”
1D8 Creativity – “When in doubt, ask someone for their ideas.”
1D4 Dissent – “If you’re all good at taking care of each other, there isn’t much need for dissent.”
1D6 Remedy – “Helping each other is the rent we pay for sharing a vessel.”
1D6 Patience – “Never had much need for Patience.”

Techniques: (1D10, 1D8, 3D6, 1D4)
1D10 Analyze – multiple minds/multiple perspectives 1D8
1D8 Anticipate
1D4 Deceive
1D8 Force – strong tail 1D6
1D6 Manipulate 
1D6 Move


(Analyze Related) – Concerted Effort – When using Analyze, you may use multiple Value dice, stepping down each by one per added die beyond the first two. 

(open talent) – Switch Who’s Fronting – Step down your highest rated Technique or Value to step up another Technique or Value respectively by one. Either activate an opportunity to revert, or wait until the next scene.


Give everyone a chance

    1XP… when you find a way to let a new system member contribute to a scene in some way.
    3XP… when you take a scene to hold a counsel meeting
    10XP… when you find a way for every system member to front at least once in your lifetime or when you integrate

Keeping the group together

    1XP… when you message one of your outworld friends
    3XP… when you help one of your outworld friends with a challenge or test they face
    10XP… when you help one or more of your outworld friends resolve a threatening conflict between them or when your outworld friends part ways

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