Sleep Cycle Problems

We’re having some trouble with our circadian rhythm beyond what we suspected. Might be migraines, actually.

So, this will be some review for friends from Facebook, but for as long as we can we’ve had hypersomnia.

At first, we got tested thoroughly for narcolepsy, because our symptoms so closely resemble that. Not narcolepsy, though.

Then we were given a CPAP for the mild apnea we have. That helped quite a bit, but we still had hypersomnia for several months out of the year. We went from full time sleepiness to cyclical.

So we tracked that cycle and found it wasn’t seasonal. It appears we have peaks of sleepiness about every 15 weeks. On a hunch, we thought we’d see what happens if we rotate our sleeping schedule to follow a non-24 hour circadian rhythm to match that period.

We’ve been doing that for the past three months to some reasonable success. We’ve been more awake during our waking times and more productive.

But, then, the last two days, it feels like things have flipped and our body wants to sleep during what should be our daytime.

While experiencing this, we’ve been confused and frustrated.

And then, just as we started writing this post, we remembered that the pressure dropped super quickly and super far in a 48 hour period, and that we get migraines.

We’re probably in the prodrome of a migraine.

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