Myra Pember’s Character Sheet

Hi, I’m Myra! So, I guess, after making my system, the Pembers, as if they are a single character, the Inmara decided to start making sheets for us individual Pembers. So, here’s my character sheet! Though, first, I should include what they wrote in the forum entry, because it kind of explains things:

Entry #8 is Myra Pember, the first of the Pembers to front in our story Systems’ Out!  The way we think that a player would play these characters is that before the characters receive the nanite terminals allowing them to express themselves externally as separate people, they would play using only the System’s character sheet. But once the system is released from having to interface solely through their vessel’s physical presence, they’d use a separate character sheet for each member they are willing to try to play, literally playing multiple characters at once, each one tracking their XP separately. The system as a whole would still have its original character sheet, and XP earned there would remain there, because the group is still an entity in its own right, not a person but a corporate entity. This is complicated, but we’re pretty sure we could play such a group of characters ourselves pretty easily in any game.

We’re thinking about doing something a bit different with the Flits, to showcase another way of representing plural systems in Cortex.

Anyway, Myra Pember:

name: Myra Pember, Student of Metabang
pronouns: xe/xyr/xem


Myra Pember is possibly the most cheerful and outgoing member of the Pembers. Xe is curious and enthusiastic about life and is a consummate socialite. Xyr true passion is dancing, however, with or without an audience, and loves to get lost in the movement of xyr system’s vessel, this would become xyr next milestone once one of the others is fulfilled. In the beginning of the story, when xe becomes excited about the possibilities of the neural terminal, xe is mostly excited on behalf of what it means for xyr headmates and for the chance that xe may get to share Network with them as if they have separate bodies. Because that means xe may get a better chance to introduce them to xyr outworld friends.

Art: Dancer

Adaptations: Bristley, feathery anthropomorphic opossum

Assets of your adaptations:
prehensile tail: 2D8
expressive plumage: 2D6

Place: Part of the Council of Eleven of the Pembers

Asset of place:
Has the ear of the Council: 2D6

Values: (1D10, 2D8, 2D6, 1D4)
1D8 Action – “Movement is always good.”
1D6 Consensus – “Leave no one out.”
1D8 Creativity – “Inspiration doesn’t wait!”
1D6 Dissent – “Dissent is a necessary evil.”
1D10 Remedy – “Cheerfulness and enthusiasm are healing.”
1D4 Patience – “I can be patient enough!”

Techniques: (1D10, 1D8, 3D6, 1D4)
1D6 Analyze
1D6 Anticipate
1D4 Deceive
1D6 Force
1D8 Manipulate – High proprioception 1D6
1D10 Move – Dancing 1D8

(Move related talent) Dancer’s Focus – If you include Move in your dice pool for a roll, you may combine two dice in that pool that of equal size to create a die that is stepped up (e.g. 2D6 become 1D8)

(Open talent) Social Center – When you’re in the same scene as another PC, you can exchange up to 3 PP with them (giving or taking). They must be willing to give or receive the PP for this to work. Step up your Mental or Physical stress for each additional player character in the scene you want to exchange PP with beyond the first.


Represent the System

1XP… when you mention other system members in a scene
3XP… when you propose a vote to the Council that doesn’t come out unanimous
10XP… when you step aside to let someone take your place on the Council or when you’ve been made Council Chair against your wishes

Cultivating the Exosystem

1XP… when you message multiple outworld friends
3XP… when manage to get your outworld friends to interact with one of your headmates
10XP… when you manage to convince the Council of Eleven to include your outworld friends in an important meeting or when you’ve been reprimanded either by your outworld friends or the Council for attempting to do so


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