Nocturnal Spy Games

OK, so, yesterday during a casual conversation on Twitter about our plurality and just how large our system is, while admitting to being a “nation-state” of aspiring anarchists, we cracked a joke about the Sunspot having a page in the CIA Factbook.

So, last night, our dream crew apparently decided to run with that.

Our frontrunners dreamt that we were on a vacation with our parents when we were beset by a small, glossy black drone. The operator made the mistake of flying it inside the house we were staying at, which made it easier for us to catch it. Which we did by leaping at it like a cat trying to catch a bird. It was fantastic!

The battery pack was the entire back half of the drone, which we disabled by simply unhooking it, so we had two halves of an undamaged drone that we could put back together when we were ready to return it. Which we decided to do, but only after putting a slip of paper in the space between the contacts, with a note written on it saying, “FUCK OFF WITH YOUR DRONES!”

It took us so long to find a pencil and cut a piece of paper down to the right size that we ended up going home and attending Pride in the mean time.

Our friend Robyn came to visit, all the way over from Tennessee. So, she was there for Pride, along with our extended family, all the while we were fiddling with this note and the drone. There were conversations about pride and Robyn’s trip over. And people kept asking us if we were going to put on a shirt, because apparently we were topless, and only wearing panties. And even though we were in the middle of a parade route with a crowd of people around us, we kept saying, “Yeah, just a minute, we’ll get to it.”

This was probably the least overtly plural dream we’ve had in three years. Also, the first dream in a long while we can recall that seems to have dominated the whole night.

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