Morga Pember’s Character Sheet

I find it interesting that we have given me an account here when this is the first time I can remember fronting and I don’t find it easy to stay forward. In any case, here I am:

name: Morga Pember, Student of Metabang
pronouns: xe/xyr/xem

Morga Pember is the Member at Large of the Council of Eleven of the Pembers. Xe has xyr own interests that xe has been neglecting in favor of running the council and can barely remember what they are. Xe is looking for an excuse and a volunteer to hand the reigns to, but is dutifully doing xyr job to the best of xyr ability in the mean time.


Art: Pember Wrangling


Assets of your adaptations: Bristley, feathery anthropomorphic opossum
prehensile tail: 2D8
expressive plumage: 2D6

Place: Member at Large of the Council of Eleven

Values: (1D10, 2D8, 2D6, 1D4)
1D6 Action – “Let everyone weigh in before acting.”
1D10 Consensus – “Unanimity is not necessary.”
1D4 Creativity – “Creativity can be delegated.”
1D8 Dissent – “Unanimity is a bad sign.”
1D6 Remedy – “Healing can be done by moving forward.”
1D8 Patience – “We’re young, there’s time.”

Techniques: (1D10, 1D8, 3D6, 1D4)
1D6 Analyze
1D8 Anticipate – Knows how people work 1D6
1D6 Deceive
1D4 Force
1D10 Manipulate – Bureaucratic Proceedure 1D8
1D6 Move – Making executive decisions 1D6

(Manipulate related) Bringing Things to Order – When you use Manipulate and Consensus together to make an asset, step up your effect die.
(open talent) Dissociate – If you take an action to do nothing, step up your physical stress in order to step down your mental stress.


Moving on

1XP… When you let your exhaustion be known without saying anything
3XP… Whenever the council votes unanimously, thus give you more evidence it’s time to switch things up
10XP… When you gracefully step down as Member at Large or are forced out by a vote

Time for me

1XP… When you get to spend some time inworld.
3XP… When you get a chance to try out a new craft, art, or activity for yourself
10XP… When you have challenged all of your values

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