A World of Typos

One of the weirdest typos we’ve been making lately is typing “right” instead of “write”, like, flawlessly.
Most of our typos are just a couple letters wrong. Sometimes it’s an extra letter. Sometimes it’s letter transposed. Other times it’s two words mushed together. Most often it’s something along the lines of “boliu”. And we catch about 3/4s of those types.
They’re attributed to our dyslexic dysgraphia, where going both in and out of our brain, letters and words get transposed, and we miss them because we literally don’t see what is in front of us properly some of the time. And they’re also attributed to our dyspraxia, where our muscles just don’t function in the proper order or with the proper parameters, and our fingers either move a bit too far, fall in the wrong order, or outright forget to move.
Those two things together create utter gobble-dee-gook.
Also, our dyslexic dysgraphia made it hard for us to learn how to spell. So there are lots and lots and lots of words that we’re just not certain about. But spell check has done wonders in that area, especially with the red underlines. And we’re 46 years old and have been corrected by EVERYONE over and over, so we pay a hell of a lot of attention, and again, catch most of everything. But it’s still a problem.
And our plurality sure as fuck is NOT helping in any way. We don’t each have the same memory of spelling, with amnesia between us cropping up and making us collectively forget how to spell even the simplest words. But also, with two people trying to type at the same time and having slightly different sentences that get mushed together into the same nonsense. And that’s been getting significantly worse lately.
But we KNOW the difference between “right” and “write”. At least, most of us who are regularly conscious do. That was one that was drilled into us very early in schooling. It’s the type of error that people with classic dyslexia make, which we don’t have (that we know of). And as far as we can tell, we haven’t had trouble with that one since elementary school.
But it’s cropping up consistently and repeatedly this past week.
And we don’t even notice ourselves making the error until after we’ve posted the blog post, comment, or tweet. And usually right after we’ve posted it. It’s just invisible to us while we’re typing, somehow. And then as soon as we see it in a slightly new format, it jumps out at us.
We have no idea what the fuck is going on. But it definitely is happening amidst increased clumsiness and increased other spelling bullshit.

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