What we’ve been up to

Sorry that we sort of fell off of updating this site for a while there. We got distracted by the need to learn how to create a 3D animated vtuber avatar for one of our eldest members, Eh. Which we completed within a week, and then we’ve started making videos!

And, here’s our first video:

Eh will be getting their own account here on our blog shortly. We just need to take a break from everything now, because that was a ridiculously long and intense hyperfocus and we’re emotional about it.

It feels so good to have created this thing. The avatar more so than any videos of it. Through Eh, we have felt so much euphoria at having that avatar. It’s basically a puppet and moves like one, but it actually mirrors our body’s movements and we enjoy watching Eh just talk into the screen with it, without recording anything at all, just to see it move and talk with their voice. It feels like powerful sorcery!

We’ve also deliberately put a digital delay on Eh’s voice. At first that happened by accident, though a fluke of how we set up OBS studio. But it felt good. It felt like their voice was more their voice. So we downloaded a plugin to do it on purpose and give us more control over it.

Finally, we hope to some day take the head of this 3D model we made and get it printed as a nearly life sized mask that we can paint and hang on the wall. We have so many feelings about it.

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