So, night before last, we dreamt that we were staying at our grandparents house in Bellingham, and that there was a big grizzly bear in the front yard that wanted to eat us. We sort of woke up from the dream, realized the bear was probably a headmate, and rolled over to go back to sleep with the resolve to talk to the bear instead of run from it.

The dream didn’t continue then, though, and we woke up fully not long after.

Then we had a really rough day with an unidentified headmate lurking near the surface who seems to be holding most of our sorrow.

And we wrote about that.

Then, last night, same Bridge Crew dreaming we were in the same situation, only while the bear was there, it wasn’t directly interested in us, but still a potential threat. But someone who was with us on the dream pointed at the bear and said, “oh, that’s a rrarrarorr!”

Which is a Mäofrräo word!

We’ve just double checked what it means in our dictionary and it’s a verb meaning “will make more orderly and a more orderly way”.

Our inworld population is starting to use one of our conlangs!!!

And, it’s actually appropriate to use verbs to name things in Mäofrräo, since it was originally a naming language. Naming a creature “a rrarrarorr” is to essentially call it “one who will make things more orderly in a more orderly way.”

Anyway, we’ve also had the sense for the past 24 hours that the bear and the sorrowful headmate are related. Either they’re the same person, or the bear is the headmate’s protector and advocate.

And we’re also just now remembering that we had an earlier dream last night about lawyers of some sort.


But, now we have a name. We might be able to bring Rrarrarorr forward to talk, or to at least have fully conscious feelings for a while.

2 thoughts on “Rrarrarorr

  1. Inmara Ktletaccete Fenumera says:

    Oh, we want to clarify some things for our own records before we go to sleep tonight and forget.
    The “bear” in our second dream may not have been the same headmate as the bear in the first. It vaguely resembled a bear, especially in the length and color of its fur, but it had a head that was nearly alligator like, and it was all around lankier than the first bear. And we had an innate sense that it was a different monster. But we’re not positive. Could have been the same person.
    Then, the individual who pointed it out said, “oh, that’s a rrarrarorr. It’s just going about its business. If you don’t get to near it, it won’t bother you.”
    Whereas what was said about the bear the previous night was, “Don’t go outside or the grizzly bear will get you. It’s hungry!”
    So, part of this, too, is that it was *a* rrarrarorr. Like, that might be its proper name, but there may even be more than one.
    And something about it makes us think it’s either one of our protectors and an id monster, derived from from our psyche’s natural mechanisms, or it’s an Outsider. There are supposed to be 12 other Outsiders besides Phage. We’re leaning toward a natural id monster, but again, we just don’t know yet.

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