Dragons and Giants and Apples

We just had a dream about dragons and giants, and some kind of politics about providing things for individuals of both sets of beings, and we can’t remember it very well. But we woke up when the subject came around to working with the dragon at this one place in Victoria or Vancouver B.C. we couldn’t remember very well. I think we actually visualizing the front entrance to a museum in Berlin. But anyway, we were imagining it was a place where one went to get particularly good apples, and were trying to remember what it was called.

One of us said, “Butchart Gardens!”

Then we visualized where the dragons would hang out in Butchart Gardens, which was lovely.

There was a short round of, “Oh, yeahs…” that was interrupted by, “You can’t buy apples at Butchart Gardens!”

To which we woke up.

After waking up, we then remembered that there’s no place north of the Canadian border where our family went to get apples, because there’s an apple maggot quarantine in place and has been since we can remember.

Anyway, in our inworld now there is a version of Butchart Gardens that has dragons and a giant in it. Not like a zoo, though. It’s just where they live.

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